Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Lazy Sunday

I woke up this morning to no alarm. I slowly got dressed and ready for my day of nothing. It was great!
Sure, I have stuff that I needed to do. We all have that nagging to-do list that seems to never go away, right? It was refreshing, though, to wake up to a lazy Sunday with no appointments to meet. Granted, last week I had a perfect weekend of nothing, but it wasn't enough!

Even though it was tempting to just sit on my butt all day and veg in front of the tv, I wasn't feeling THAT lazy. ;-)  So after a little breakfast, I started playing. I've had a can of chalkboard paint for a couple of years now. It appeared when I decided to paint one wall in my kitchen into a chalkboard... Well, that ended up not happening, but I still wanted to try it out for some fun projects. It's just so tempting to paint everything black, so being able to paint stuff black and then write on it?! Awesome!

I've been playing with the idea of doing photo place cards for table settings... and the other day I had the thought that it would be even more fun if they had a chalkboard finish to be able to erase the names if needed! So out came the brushed and I started painting away.

I'm still waiting for them to fully dry before I give them a test run, but I like how they look so far. What do you think?

As a fun little bonus, I thought to paint some clothespins with the paint as well. I'm not sure what they'll be for yet, but I'm thinking they're be cute for plant markers or for labeling hanging artwork... something along those lines. Half the fun is just playing anyway :-)

Of course, the day needs to end on an high note. So after finishing up some cards to send to a shop in Goa, India for consignment (, I celebrated with a beer. Since I'm sitting down to watch the Oscars, it's also probably not the last for the evening.


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