Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weekend Rewind

my purse was packed. my cameras were charged. my wallet had cash, and my ipod had a new mix of car songs.  i was ready to hit the road!

it wasn't a long trip.... 2 hours later we drove into Malibu, drove by the Pepperdine campus, and then pulled into the Getty Villa.  it was overcast and foggy, and the Villa was nothing like I expected, but it was worth the trip! Here are a few highlights:

mean-looking skies couldn't ruin all the colors on the Villa walls

ridiculous tile work

just your typical backyard...

my "texture and old stuff" radar detected this wall

did I mention the fog??

of course, there's more to see in the LA region than just the Getty Villa. so off we drove into the canyons and on our way towards Hollywood for an architectural fieldtrip!
first stop was the Oboler House, which we found to be privately owned (poo!) and clinging on to the edge of a foggy cliff (yay!). 

what? that's not enough Frank Lloyd Wright for you? you want to see more?? ok!
we kept driving east/southeast and hit East Hollywood. here we drove right into the Barnsdall Park. up the hill is the Hollyhock house in all its glory. now a public park, this house has hands down the most unbelievable views I've seen in LA. it's secluded, raised, and has clear unobstructed views of both the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Park Observatory. even the dreary day couldn't dull its beauty. amazing!

Hollywood sign on the left hill, observatory on the right hill

i must have these planters.

photo credit: m. meagher

after one Getty Villa and two Wright houses, we were ready to head home!
want to see more select pics from my day of adventure? click here!

so what's next on my list for LA? I'm thinking a culinary tour is in order :) 

what's next on your wish list to see??



  1. What amazing buildings to see. I went to Falling Water last time I lived in Pittsburgh and WOW was it amazing. Pittsburgh in general was pretty great. I'm going to miss the wide open spaces of Wyoming, but I am excited to photo those green hills. I LOVE that photo of the ivy on the textured wall, btw.

  2. I can't stop falling in love with Fallingwater (no pun intended!).
    Wow, Wyoming to Pittsburgh! Big change! It'll be a new and exciting adventure though.
    I assume since you lived in Pittsburgh already, you've walked through the Cathedral of Learning? If not, go! and take your camera! Pittsburgh's got lots of gems to keep you amused.

    thanks for the photo compliment :) I'm a sucker for textured walls.

  3. I haven't yet made it up to Getty Villa but it's on my list for the summer. You've been to the other Getty, right? That was pretty amazing--I was even fascinated with the hinges they used on their doors.