Monday, April 25, 2011

Announcement Time!

I have a new website! 

I'll no longer be using blogger for my blog posts. I've now moved to  Here you can find my blog posts, info about me, how to get a hold of me, links to my Facebook page and Etsy shop, links to my galleries on Flickr, and links to other blogs that I enjoy.
That's right. All that on one site!!

So head on over now, and bookmark the site so you can visit again soon!



Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weekend Rewind

my purse was packed. my cameras were charged. my wallet had cash, and my ipod had a new mix of car songs.  i was ready to hit the road!

it wasn't a long trip.... 2 hours later we drove into Malibu, drove by the Pepperdine campus, and then pulled into the Getty Villa.  it was overcast and foggy, and the Villa was nothing like I expected, but it was worth the trip! Here are a few highlights:

mean-looking skies couldn't ruin all the colors on the Villa walls

ridiculous tile work

just your typical backyard...

my "texture and old stuff" radar detected this wall

did I mention the fog??

of course, there's more to see in the LA region than just the Getty Villa. so off we drove into the canyons and on our way towards Hollywood for an architectural fieldtrip!
first stop was the Oboler House, which we found to be privately owned (poo!) and clinging on to the edge of a foggy cliff (yay!). 

what? that's not enough Frank Lloyd Wright for you? you want to see more?? ok!
we kept driving east/southeast and hit East Hollywood. here we drove right into the Barnsdall Park. up the hill is the Hollyhock house in all its glory. now a public park, this house has hands down the most unbelievable views I've seen in LA. it's secluded, raised, and has clear unobstructed views of both the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Park Observatory. even the dreary day couldn't dull its beauty. amazing!

Hollywood sign on the left hill, observatory on the right hill

i must have these planters.

photo credit: m. meagher

after one Getty Villa and two Wright houses, we were ready to head home!
want to see more select pics from my day of adventure? click here!

so what's next on my list for LA? I'm thinking a culinary tour is in order :) 

what's next on your wish list to see??


Friday, April 1, 2011

Does Malibu sell "L.A. dogs"?

"Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles."
~Frank Lloyd Wright

When I head to LA, I normally end up in the Downtown area for most of the time. Give me a weekend of the flower market, fashion district, Pershing Square and Grand Central Market and I'm a happy girl!
It's been a long time since I've visited the city of angels, though, and I sure miss it.

 Well I'll be heading north this weekend, but this time I'm getting to know a new area. I'm visiting the Getty Villa in Malibu! Instead of graffiti and sombreros cruising the pavement, I'll be spending time with the flip flops and Bentleys cruising by the sand.  :)

Of course with a city like Los Angeles just a short drive away from my home, I must have a wish list of things to do/see in the LA area, right?  "But Natalia," you may say "whatever is on this famous wish list?"   Grab a pen and paper, kiddies. You'll want to take notes ;-)

*visit Frank Lloyd Wright's houses (Hollyhock is #1, Ennis is #2!)
*visit Neutra houses
*Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles
*The Pantry (I've tried to go a bunch of times, but the line is always so long... must be great!)
*Queen Mary (preferably at night time!)
*Amoeba Records
*Hollywood Bowl with picnic food in hand
*Hollywood Forever cemetery for movie or concert
*camping at the Channel Islands
*take in the views on Angel's Flight
*Getty Villa (soon to be crossed off!! yay!)
*Malaga Cove @ Palos Verdes
*Lake Shrine Temple in the Pacific Palisades
*Rock Store (the food sounds filling and yummy!)
*Cinerama Dome

The list grows constantly, but that's it for now :)


model booties at the fashion district